Military Transition Stories Podcast

Military Transition Stories is a podcast hosted by Trey Tatro where Veterans, Active Duty, and their Families share their stories and experiences transitioning from military to civilian life. In addition to their personal experiences, they offer tips and advice for those who will be going through the transition process; as well as discuss their current industry and advice for those interested in similar careers.

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9. Maurice "Chipp" Naylon

Chipp Naylon is a Marine Veteran and author of the new book “The New Ministry of Truth: Combat Advisors in Afghanistan and America’s Great Betrayal”. Chipp discusses the dangers of acting without a clear plan, and how this can affect even the largest organizations on the planet, including the U.S. military. While Chipp’s intention with his book is to start an important discussion of what our military objectives are in current conflicts, he also shares with us how writing has been a release, his approach to creating habits, and the importance of using military benefits; such as the use of his G.I. Bill to receive his degree in accounting. 

Chipp’s book will be available everywhere May 16, 2019. Pre-order your copy now


8. Quincy D. Harper Sr.

After nearly 25 years with the Air Force, Quincy Harper now helps transitioning members of the military with the USO. He outlines multiple resources that are readily available online as well as offline, as well as local initiatives that he is starting. 

7. Staci Redmon

Staci Redmon, President and CEO of SAMS in Alexandria, VA shares her journey and advice. Growing up she knew that she didn’t want to settle for conventional opportunities, a mindset she took to the Army and one that remained as she entered into civilian life. Hear how by taking on new challenges she’s gone on to build a successful business and life.

6. Herb Thompson

While wrapping up his transition out of the Special Forces as a Green Beret, Herb has taken on the effort of helping other members of the Special Forces with their transition. He founded SF2BIZ to help make their unique experiences better understood by hiring managers to leverage their full potential.

5. Rick Howard

From field to C-Suite, Rick knows a thing or two about network security. He shares a lot of great insight for those interested in joining the field, and tells us about how he and Palo Alto Networks are helping to create the next generation of network security experts by working with Girl Scouts.

4. Patrick Drabick

Patrick was in the Navy for 24 years before transiting. Now, he discusses how to translate your military experience to civilian recruiters, finding a role that means more to you than a paycheck, and starting a Force Multiplier Ventures to help fellow veterans. 

3. Sam P Lark Jr.

As a military spouse, Sam has used social media to be hired TWICE when relocating with his wife. He shares how he did with us, as well as a mentor at Veterati.


2. Ashley Vinson

Ashley found her calling while in the military, and translated that to her new job as National Director of Military Partnerships for The Hire Group. Not only can she help you find your path, she can help you get the job as well. 


1. Jason Johnson

Jason has spent years working with K9s and their handlers. Now, he’s building his own version of veterans benefits to help military/police K9s enjoy their retirement through Project K9 Hero.